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Aulnes Saffron

safran 2The Aulnes Saffron from Quercy strain Saffron bulbs, certified "Organic Agriculture", is grown on an old meadow untouched by any other crop, without any chemical or synthetic fertilizer. Except for the preparation of the soil before planting, everything is done manually. The saffron is registered at the botanical conservatory of Quercy ( Safranério )


Located in Auxonne, to the east of the Côte-d'Or, the saffron is of a continental-type climate with heavy rains in autumn and spring, cold and rather dry winters and hot and dry summers. It borders a pond lined with alders, birches and willows, with a large area of biodiversity. The flowers are harvested in the autumn for four to six weeks.


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Escargots dIsa 3

Isa’s Snail

Isabelle is a heliculturist (snail farmer). She breeds and transforms snails of the Gros Gris race (Hélix Aspersa Maxima). She buys her spat (babies) from a breeder and then puts them in the farm in mid-May (after the Ice Saints Days).

The Gros Gris snails (Helix Aspersa Maxima) were born in France and are raised in our outdoor farms, in conditions which are respectful of the environment, on a ground of abundant and nourishing plant cover (mustard, rapeseed, clover...), they are watered daily and fed with cereal and limestone flour to fortify their shells.

The snails reach maturity between 4 and 5 months.
The collection of these small horned animals starts in September and they will be transformed in our laboratory with quality ingredients purchased from local producers.
She promotes sales on the farm (helicultural), at markets and fairs.

By appointment, she offers visits of the breeding farm with a sale and tasting session of the products (1 dozen snails + 1 glass of wine for 9 € or 1 half-dozen + 1/2 glass of wine for 5 €)

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biscuits contes 4

Aux Biscuits Contés

Creating gourmet, healthy and playful biscuits that whisper stories...

Making less fatty and less sugary biscuits, using vegetables/fruits/aromatic herbs, and without animal ingredients for ethical reasons (possible trace of lactose in chocolate). Each variety of biscuit is illustrated by a story that I wrote, for example on the topic of environmental protection, inscribed inside the flap... Feed the body and the soul at the same time!


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reflet dabeilles 4Reflet d’Abeilles

The honey farm is located in the town of Arceau and most apiaries are located in the Mirebellois, between the rivers Tille and Vingeanne. Bees find more or less abundant resources depending on the years but when the climate is favourable, there is a honey-producing diversity. The desire to offer local honey is reflected in the proximity of the work and production tools and the locations for our hives. I have been passionate about bee-keeping for several years and decided to change my professional path in order to get closer to nature and live at its pace through bees. My project to create a bee-keeping business was born in 2014. And came to fruition in 2016.

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douce comtoise 4Douce Comtoise

As a specialist in biscuit and chocolate, Mr. Courbot makes a point of highlighting the products of the region. Above all he is a craftsman who strives to preserve the quality of the know-how (free range eggs, Fruitiere butter and cream, local flour, etc.), all the materials are from Comté.

A broad range of products: artisanal macarons, shortbreads, patties, biscuits, chocolate products, meringues, gingerbread, and a range of savoury products with Comté breads...


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